Redcord Rehab Pro Plus


The most comprehensive solution to provide a wide range of exercises for the entire body. The ideal solution for professional rehabilitation. Redcord Rehab Pro includes the Redcord AXIS, and a large selection of Redcord slings, balance cushions and special designed elastic cords for unloading bodyweight.
Exercise the entire body with one piece of Equipment
Includes a large variety of slings and accessories
Easy to adjust with body weight in the sling
1 x Redcord Trainer with straps (pair)
1 x Redcord AXIS with straps (pair)
1 x Redcord Wide Sling
2 x Redcord Narrow Sling
1 x Redcord Split sling
1 x Redcord PowerGrip, pair
2 x Redcord Balance
1 x Redcord Rope Release
1 x Red Rope, 60 cm (pair)
1 x Black Elastic Cord, 60 cm (pair)
1 x Red Elastic Cord, 60 cm (pair)
1 x Redcord Trainer/Mini User Instructions
1 x Redcord Exercise Poster
1 x Redcord Trainer Ceiling Suspension
1 x Redcord AXIS Ceiling Brackets
3 x Redcord AXIS Carabiners
1 x Redcord AXIS Cord Lock
1 x Redcord AXIS Exercise Poster
1 x Redcord DVD, introduction to Redcord Exercise

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