Redcord Active Pro Plus


Redcord Active Pro Plus is specially designed for Personal Trainers or others who want access to effective Redcord exercises. The exercise package contains the Redcord Trainer, Redcord AXIS rotation device and a large selection of Redcord slings, balance cushions and specially designed elastic cords to perform corrective exercise with rotational movements.
Time efficient – better results in less time
Workout for everybody – regardless of skill, ambitions or physical level
Designed to tolerate daily exposure of load, tare and wear by a large number of clients
Content: Redcord Trainer with straps, Redcord AXIS with straps, Redcord PowerGrip (pair), 2 x Redcord Narrow Sling, Redcord Wide Sling, Redcord Elastic Cord (60 cm, red, high resistance, pair), Redcord Rope Release, 2 x Redcord Balance, 3 x Redcord AXIS Carabiners, Redcord AXIS Cord Lock, Redcord Trainer Ceiling Brackets, Redcord Trainer/Mini User Instruction, Redcord Exercise Poster, Redcord AXIS Exercise Poster, Redcord AXIS Ceiling Brackets with screws, Redcord AXIS User Manual, Redcord DVD( introduction to Redcord Exercise)

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